Lettings Policy


When we realise that everything we have comes to us as a gift from God, we understand that we are all stewards accountable for our use of time, people, money and all natural resources.  In each situation a good steward seeks the right balance between prudence and adventure; conservatism and creation; leading and serving; stimulation and supporting.  Good business is the way we serve the social and economic community.

Good Business: Ethics at Work

Are you alert to practices here and throughout the world which discriminate against people on the basis of who and what they are.

Advices and Queries Number 33.

It is recognised that lettings are an important source of revenue for contributing to our Quaker community. As well as supporting the maintenance of the premises and providing sustainable employment, letting of the building is also perceived as a means of outreach to people in the Sheffield area.

Friends wish the accommodation to be used creatively in encouraging and supporting causes with which they are in sympathy.   Commercial letting will only be accepted if they are in keeping with Quaker principles and values.

The following guidelines are recommended:

  1. All bookings, whether for use by the Meeting or for lettings, must be made with the office.
  • There shall be a member of staff or named Friend on duty whenever there is a letting or a Meeting activity, with responsibility for security and other necessary duties.
  • Careful consideration will be given before agreeing to any regular lettings, particularly those on Saturdays, to ensure that Quaker use of the building is not impeded.   
  • There will three categories of lettings – 

Standard Rate – Rates for public sector or commercial organisations. and Saturday bookings

Mid Rate – available to registered charities and not for profit organisations with paid staff; volunteer groups funded by charities who are large enough to have paid staff; and sole traders with a turnover of less than £30,000 pa.

Low Rate : Available to small groups with no or minimal income and no paid staff

(Categorisation is based upon information received via communications with the Office and a degree of flexibility exists within these guidelines.)

5.   Sheffield Adult School have their accommodation guaranteed.

6.  Periodic reports to be given to the Premises and Lettings Business Committee.

7. Information sent to hirers is to include the following statement –

This building is a Meeting House of the Religious Society of Friends, and its primary use is for Quakers to meet together for worship and fellowship.  We are happy to welcome others to make use of the building and hope they will treat staff and the premises with respect.

As an organisation we believe in equality, the promotion of free speech, truth, transparency and mutual respect.

We reserve the right to refuse any booking not in keeping with our Quaker principles and values and to cancel any booking without notice if necessary for causes outside our control.

The views and opinions expressed by users of the building are their own and do not necessarily reflect those of the Sheffield Quaker Meeting or of the staff of Sheffield Quaker Meeting House

The Meeting House acts as a venue and provider of lettable space and is not automatically the “host” for events taking place in the building.

We have a no smoking and a no alcohol policy throughout the building.

Terms and Conditions of Hire also apply