Quakers and Sustainability

The Quaker community nationally, alongside many other groups, individuals and communities, is exploring the challenges of changing the way we live in order to create a less fossil-fuel reliant lifestyle.
For Quakers this has arisen from the way we have understood the Quaker tradition of the ‘testimonies‘.

A testimony is not a form of words but an expression of action.

In 2011 the British Quaker community made a commitment known as The Canterbury Commitment. This expressed a sense of the spiritual transformation underpinning becoming a low carbon sustainable community. This is particularly explored in Sheffield by the Living Witness Project Group, part of a network of Quaker groups nationally exploring sustainability. This group seeks to create a space for inspiration & sharing faith in action

This understanding centres around:

  • the spiritual transformation underpinning sustainability
  • reducing dependency on fossil fuels in individual and corporate lives
  • working at developing sustainable policies and practices at the Meeting and in our own domestic and work environments
  • developing community and resilience
  • working in partnership with those individuals and groups locally, nationally and internationally who are committed to sustainability.

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