Children and Young People's Work

Children's work

At Sheffield Central Meeting we are lucky to have around 25 children coming regularly. Our aim is to contribute to the spiritual development of our Children and Young People by giving them some experience of Quaker beliefs and practices.

Different age groups explore being Quakers in a range of different ways including being creative, having fun, hearing stories, worshipping and reflecting together.

On Sunday mornings we all start together upstairs at 10.25am, and after welcoming each other and a short period of silence, we divide into different age groups.

Children from birth to 4 are invited to join the “Mighty Mice” group with a parent or carer. Children aged 4-8 can join the “Fox Family”. The “Sheffield Chocolate Chip Cookies” are the 9-12s; and there is also a group for teenagers age 13-16.

All the groups, including the youngest children, go into Meeting for Worship for the last 10 minutes. After Meeting has finished, children and young people can go upstairs with their parents for a drink and a snack, and some social time.

All our groups are run by at least two adults, one of whom has a DBS check. We take Safeguarding seriously and have two Safeguarding Officers in the Meeting. There are 2 documents available below, a short form summary of our safeguarding policy (2 pages) and a much longer document (12 pages) covering work with children at Sheffield Central Meeting.

In addition to Sunday morning activities, we also try to arrange occasional social events for children and young people and their parents, such as swimming or a summer picnic. We also hope that families will join in with social events that are organised for the whole Meeting, so that children and young people can get to know a wide range of people within our large and thriving community.

“Quakers in Yorkshire” also arrange activities and weekends away for children and young people, and there are activities arranged nationally for Quaker children and young people. Once you start coming to Meeting you will hear about all these exciting opportunities!

If you would like to know more or have thoughts on any aspect of the children and young people’s work or would like to get involved in some way, please do contact one of the committee, via the office.
Or you can use the link below to make email contact…

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